About Toronto audiofest ...


The Toronto audiofest is the Ontario's  new and acclaimed consumer electronics exhibition. It brings together over 300 brands of the best audio and video equipment from around the world. You can hear, touch and compare it in over 100 demo rooms ranging from 240 to 2400sq ft. on 9 floors. It is the perfect place to come if you’re considering acquiring a complete system or only a new piece of equipment.

All our visitors share one thing in common, they all have a passion for music. While some are pure audiophiles, many others are just curious to discover the benefits of better sound. 60% of our visitors are under 55 years of age and 20% are female; we encourage families to discover the show together.

You may wonder what is the entrance fee? Well, as we are a non-profit organisation and only at our second year of business, we choose to let you decide. If you want to contribute to our development, you can buy $10 tickets to our raffles for 3 complete audio systems: one at $1000, one at $5000 and one at $10 000. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

The show organizers have more than 50 years of experience in the music and audio industry. Like everyone, they started with a love of music that soon became enlightened by better sound reproduction. Their passion for high-end audio started as a hobby but quickly became their career. Above all, the two entrepreneurs are driven by their care of people. They are fully dedicated at servicing their exhibitors as if they were family and this concern extends to making sure all the fest’s visitors have a wonderful experience.